Plume’s sleek design can instantly coil away under your saddle when you don’t need it. When the streets are wet—roll out and ride on.

1. Mount
There’s a ton of functionality packed into this little component. The rubber mount stretches to fit standard seat post sizes, with no need for extra tools, shims or screws. It’s also designed to absorb shock, so your Plume won’t recoil until you want it to.

2. Spring
Sprung stainless steel is absurdly tough. Through exhaustive pseudo-scientific testing we can confirm that it would take a some kind of freak accident to bend this part out of shape. Plume’s spring is designed to suspend over the rear wheel, or recoil in the blink of an eye. It’s also resistant to rust and corrosion.

 3. Reflector
This isn’t exactly a techno logical breakthrough, but safety is cool.

 4. Wing
Made of resilient, flexible silicone rubber, the wing component protects you from the sharp edges of the stainless steel, and extends the width of the mudguard to increase its mud shielding capacity. 

“Since we’ve been riding with the Plume recoiling mudguard, the clean lines of our single speed commuter and our clothes have both been preserved…You’ll no longer sweat threatening skies when you head out on your bike.”

- Mens Journal

“I’ve been using the Plume for a few months now, and I’m convinced it’s a best-in-class product.”

- John from Brooklyn, NY

“I ride my bike to work most days and try not to let the weather stop me. The Plume has worked spectacularly —
 it takes very little room when it’s folded, and has never rolled up when riding as I feared it might”

- Brett from Adelaide, Australia

“It’s amazing. I love the Plume to bits. It’s slick, works perfectly and is always there when I need it.”

- Calvin from Toronto, Canada

“F**king awesome. Love it.
Use it everyday as I ride my single speed through the tenderloin in SF and the streets are gross.”

- Avin from San Francisco, California

“Hey guys, not that I doubted you, but I was very impressed with the thing. I guess these days I am just so used to seeing cheap flimsy stuff, and Plume is a welcome exception in more than one way.
Great job!”

- Igor from Ottawa, Canada

“Thank you for a cracking piece of kit , not only is it strikingly beautiful, it is now officially the king of assguards.

- Paul from Cork, Ireland


Plume was originally designed in London, where it really does rain as much as they say. The unpredictable and frequent precipitation, combined with a frustration over existing mudguard options inspired us. We wanted to create a mudguard that would match the bicycle’s timelessness, simplicity and honest engineering.

Like most mudguards, Plume keeps water, chemicals, mud, and everything else that comes with post-rainstorm city streets off your back. Unlike most mudguards, Plume is super thin, and is made from incredibly resilient materials which won’t snap, crack, or bend out of shape. Plume’s minimal design compliments your bicycle, whether it’s protecting your back from street splatter or coiled up out of the way. And it’s really fun to use.

After years of uphill development, Plume’s designers Dan McMahon and Patrick Laing brought a prototype to the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, where thousands of cyclists from around the world showed their support and funded the first production run. Plume has received super positive feedback from riders, and was recently nominated by the Design Museum for the Designs of the Year Award, 2014.