Bike to the Future – Plume at Design Museum Gent


Bike to the Future – Plume at Design Museum Gent

We are thrilled to be a part of the upcoming exhibition at the Design Museum Gent: Bike to the Future

Ghent is considered by many to be something of a cycling mecca. The city is overflowing with a rich cycling culture, setting a standard for what a bike-friendly city can be. Starting at the end of this month, the Design Museum Gent will be showcasing bike-related design and innovation, with an emphasis on the impact cycling has made on cities and urban planning.

Here’s a snippet from the exibition write-up, be sure to visit if you can.

“The bicycle is beginning to have a profound impact on the development of towns and cities, provoking new design typologies and urban infrastructures that range from novel forms of parking, bike-specific bridges and tunnels (macrodesign) to interventions like rain sensors for bicycles at traffic lights (microdesign). Now more than ever, urban planning is heading back to the future – back to when cities were life-sized places with rational and practical solutions for moving people around. Socially engaged designers and committed citizens are creating bottom-up initiatives to bring people together to discuss and generate solutions to reduce the barriers to cycling.”

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