Cycle Revolution

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Cycle Revolution

One year after Plume was nominated for the Designs of the Year Award, the Design Museum invited us back for an exciting new exhibition: Cycle Revolution. The show looks at the rising popularity of cycling in cities, breaking riders up into four demographics: High Performance, Thrill Seekers, Urban riders, and Cargo bikers.

A week before the opening, I rode over to the Design Museum to drop off two Plume Mudguards for the exhibition. Walking through the museum’s ancillary rooms, it was clear I would need to slow my pace and take some one-on-one time with the collection. An early Brompton folding bike was there, along with an accompanying letter from Raleigh turning down a manufacturing contract. Navigating through the choppy sea of cycling history, I eventually found myself trapped by soon to be exhibition pieces- with no choice but to move the Eddy Merckx Hour Bike out of my path, savoring every single unnecessarily slow step in doing so.

The show is open through June 2016, and will be the last show before the museum relocates to its new site in Kensington. Be sure to stop by for a visit.

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