Eroica Britannia


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Eroica Britannia

Some might say this writeup is a bit late, considering our adventure in Eroica land was almost a month ago. In reality, our bones needed that much rest.

For those who aren’t familiar, Eroica Britannia is the weekend-long camping, biking, shenanigans-filled festival that looks like the wedding ceremony for a polyandrous marriage between Martha Stewart, Graeme OBree, and Wes Anderson. There’s nothing quite like geeking out with good company, so when we got the invitation to run our Foxtail game there was no hesitation to jump on board.

The festival has it’s roots in Tuscany as L’eroica, a 209km ride with the intent to “… rediscover the beauty of fatigue”. Fitting then, that what was meant to be a laid back weekend of metaphoric and literal frolicking turned out to be one of the most grueling set-ups we’ve ever undertaken. Feel free to use the slider above as we take a ride down memory lane.

Generally when we host a game of Foxtail (a game we debuted at our Kickstarter Party), we set up on asphalt while our friends at the Hackney Peddler drive over with a bunch of kid-sized bikes. Easy. This time though, we knew that we would be playing on grass for Eroica Britannia, so it would be smart to bring a lawnmower just in case our festival plot was untamed. Finding a lawnmower to borrow in London is difficult, but at the last minute Patrick was able to find one and pack it in the van before the drive.

When our van pulled into the festival’s parking lot it suddenly became unusually difficult to drive. As it turned out, our van had sunk a couple of inches into the mud and needed to be towed to safety. In the grand scheme of things a little tow isn’t such a big deal. Unfortunately, someone (and we won’t name-names here) left the parking break engaged, turning our tow into something of a big deal and leaving fat streak marks on what was once a lush green field.

Eventually we arrived at our plot. It’s a good thing Patrick found that lawn mower, because the grass was far too long, and our Foxtail game requires 100% of your focus, agility and speed. After an hour of grueling yard work, the lawn was the perfect length. Then we were informed that Patrick had in fact been mowing someone else’s plot, and we were kindly escorted to our actual site across the yard.

Despite an exhausting start, the weekend was incredible. The game was an absolute blast, and we even had a few fantastic crashes (some into nearby stalls). We would like to thank everyone who came out to play, and the organizers for keeping this geekery alive, and of course our official kid-sized bike supplier The Hackney Peddlar.

No pain, no gain.

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