Does it come in any other colours?

Just black and chrome. Can you dig it?

How do I install Plume?

 To install Plume, remove your seat post, slide on Plume with the reflector pointing towards the back of your saddle, and replace your seat post again. Be sure to always adjust Plume by rotating from its mount. 

Will Plume fit
my aero seat post?

Unfortunately Plume will not fit onto your aero seat post. But hey, at least you’ve got a saucy bike.

Where do I put
my rear light?

If you have enough space on your seatpost, mount a light right above or below Plume’s coil. Alternatively, you can mount a light on your seat stays or downtube. 

Does it recoil
if I go over a bump?

Plume won’t recoil if you’re riding over some standard road bumps. It’s designed to hold up to an average ride without causing any issues.

What seat post diameters will Plume fit?

Plume fits standard seat post sizes between 27.2mm and 31.8mm. If you happen to have a smaller seat post size (found on some vintage frames) you can beef it up discreetly with vinyl tape for a snug fit.

Large seat posts will need some lubrication and muscle, but you only need to install plume once.