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Finalizing Production, Upgrades to Expect

Since releasing Plume in our limited Kickstarter run, we’ve taken time to go over some of the feedback we received and make some upgrades to the design.

Originally, Plume was produced with wings made from PVC film made by a top-notch company in Holland.  That said, many people expressed that they didn’t like how long it would take for dents and deformations in the PVC to return to normal after a bit of rough use. Our new production utilizes a silicone which is super resilient and very good at resisting scratches and abrasion.

We’ve also made the mount component slightly denser. This makes installation on very wide seat posts more difficult, but it also means a tighter grip. If you have a seat post above 27.2mm you will likely require some WD-40 and a bit of muscle work to install Plume – but nothing worth doing is ever easy.

Finally, we’ve put our brand logo on the rear reflector … because it’s beautiful.

Over all, the upgrades we’ve made are pretty subtle, but we think they make for a harder wearing product.